by on August 4, 2017
Recently we posted about how ads track you across the net and showed you how to save enough money to adopt a pony! #ChildhoodDream
Unless you use a private search engine, like DuckDuckGo, then your search engine still likely has a copy of everything you’ve ever searched.
Let’s take Google for example. Check out your Google Search History: searches, locations, interests. They’ve recorded it all.
Deleting your Google search history will prevent it from being used by the highest bidder on the millions of sites and apps that use Google’s advertising networks.
To delete the results you can click on the dots on the top-right hand of the page and select “Delete activity by…” then, select “All time” and hit delete.
At DuckDuckGo, they believe in private by default. In fact, we protect your search history from everyone — even themselves!
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