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Lives in Mugadishu, Somalia Born on January 1, 1970
by on May 1, 2019
The president first visited last Tuesday 12 march 2019, Djibouti, which is the last colony to gain independence from France in 1977. The president pledged a “respectful” partnership in the face of growing African indebtedness to China, which is fast expanding its foothold on the continent. Djibouti, the smallest east African countries has a paramount role to the region due to its strategic location along a key shipping lane leading to the Suez Canal. Djibouti is going to be the new Dubai in the...
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by on April 24, 2019
Sri Lanka experienced intense terror attacks that led the world to panic on Sunday. As many as 290 people lost their lives as bombs went off in churches and hotels. A total of 84 bomb detonators were discovered yesterday in the country. After the attack that turned the Islamic Friday prayer in New Zealand into a massacre, this is the second phase of the terror storm that hit Asia, and it is going to intensify. There will be more to follow; there will be new terrorist attacks aimed at escalating...
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by on February 26, 2019
Brazil’s vice president said Monday his country will not allow the United States to intervene militarily in Venezuela from Brazilian territory. Brazil is opposed to any military intervention by the U.S. in Venezuela, said Hamilton Mourao, speaking during a meeting of the Lima Group in Bogota, Colombia. The group is a bloc of 14 Latin American nations focused on finding a peaceful resolution to Venezuela's longstanding crisis. During a televised interview in Brazil, Mourao also said his ...
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by on February 26, 2019
Russia believes the United States is preparing a military intervention in Venezuela, the RIA news agency cited the secretary of Russia's Security Council as saying on Tuesday. Nikolai Patrushev was also cited by the Interfax news agency as saying Russia had agreed to a proposal from Washington to hold consultations on Venezuela, a close ally of Moscow, but the United States had repeatedly postponed them on invented pretexts.
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by on February 26, 2019
A row between Kenya and Somalia over a maritime territorial area escalated after Nairobi cut off diplomatic ties. Kenya on Sunday expelled Somali Ambassador Mohamed Nur and recalled its envoy, retired Gen. Lucas Tumbo. Kenya has declared Somalia an enemy state after the Horn of Africa nation allegedly auctioned off oil, gas and mineral blocks falling within the Kenyan borders. In a statement, Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Principal Secretary Macharia Kamau said that the auction wh...
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by on February 26, 2019
Last week, nine young men were executed by the Egyptian junta regime. This execution is really the execution of all our bodies. This execution is the desire of the West and its cooperating administrations, which failed at killing our spirit of resistance and revolt, to eliminate our future. Only days after walking over law and human dignity by unjustly executing nine young men, European leaders went to Egypt for a meeting with Arab and African leaders. Of course the purpose behind this visit is ...
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