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Warning against fake news, which is made up and circulated in social media,
Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) Director General Ibrahim Eren said Tuesday the mainstream media was regaining its space thanks to its reliability.
''The most important thing that the people seek is a reliable news source,'' he said.
''For this reason, the mainstream media and journalism have started to return to the center stage,” Eren told Anadolu Agency on the sidelines of the 5th Global News Forum (GNF), one of the most important events of the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).
The world was going through a process of transformation and adaptation, Eren, who is also vice president of the ABU, said, and added that the social media and mainstream media have been interacting over past 10 years.
The forum, hosted by TRT in Istanbul, has brought together 120 guests from 35 countries under the theme of “Trust and Truth in Journalism”.
Eren said the latest developments have proven the importance attached to reliability of the source of news.
“The audience should choose the news sources again and detect the ones that are reliable,” he said.
He added that the public broadcaster TRT has always been thoughtful of conveying the correct news with accurate information.
“Our nation trusts all the news that TRT produces,” Eren said, revealing that the ratings of TRT News channel have hit the highest in the country over past one year.
Earlier, while welcoming guests, Eren said the aim of the forum was to discuss about the dynamics of journalism being affected or influenced by the developments in real or virtual world. 
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