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Turkey blocked NATO’s defense plan for the Baltics and Eastern Europe over the Syria dispute as the alliance has not yet recognized the People’s Protection Units (YPG) as a terrorist organization and approved the document concerning the matter.

The alliance’s threats towards Turkey during Peace Spring Operation, its support of those fighting against its ally Turkey rather than protecting its own member underlie this showdown ahead of the summit set to take place in London on Dec.4.

Europe is starting to panic. Facing the Russia threat was a nightmare for EU countries and the U.K. – of course, for the Baltics as well. Besides the refugee issue, Europe’s shortcomings in defense were exposed with a single move by Turkey.

Let’s look at Europe’s weaknesses for once

It would not always be fair to discuss Turkey alone. We should discuss Europe, its weaknesses and dilemmas a bit too now. It is easy to act cool, look down on Turkey, and conduct interventions, give commands, make threats and use blackmail, but it does not work that way. Let them deal a little with their own problems now.

It does not do that some circles in Turkey strut about and boast of democracy and freedom and provoke the masses; now let us confront Europe’s dilemmas and realities.

Disintegration, a front from Baltics to Mediterranean

Let us now look at the disintegration from the Baltics, from East Europe to the Aegean, and all the way to the Mediterranean. Let us gaze toward that area to see the sort of front that is being shaped; how these security concerns and the discussions on the collapse of the EU feed off one another.

The report released by Reuters was first considered manipulation, because for some time now, the agency had been frequently including baseless news about Turkey.

Merkel: Europe can’t defend itself, we need Turkey!

Yet, during the day, the subject started to be discussed openly in European media and in political circles. There are those who claimed, “[President Recep Tayyip] Erdoğan is blackmailing NATO.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel made a statement saying, “Turkey should remain a NATO member, and we should also work to ensure this. Turkey’s membership is of strategic importance for NATO. We need to make effort in this regard. The U.S. no longer takes responsibility when there is a fire around us. Europe cannot defend itself alone.”

They supported every organization that fought against Turkey

Let us recall:Turkey was abandoned by NATO during all the terrorist attacks that have been ongoing for the last four decades and, finally, during all the threats from Syria. Member countries openly supported the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its Syrian affiliate, the People’s Protection Units (YPG).

A group of U.S.-led countries built fronts on Turkey’s border for hundreds of kilometers, and deployed thousands of truckloads of weapons and armament to the PKK/YPG.

NATO members provided open support to the coup and civil war attempts through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), which has been fighting against Turkey. It embraced and provided protection for those who fled Turkey after their attempts had failed.

NATO is now the biggest threat for Turkey; there’s a covert war happening

The very same members attempted to siege, close in on and corner Turkey in the Aegean, the Mediterranean and in the East Mediterranean. NATO, ofwhich we too are a member, started to indirectly and covertly “fight against Turkey.”

Yes, this organization was established for Europe’s defense. Turkey had the second biggest army within the alliance and was fulfilling its obligations. However, the alliance took every opportunity to isolate Turkey. Recently, this act had started to turned into anti-Turkey sentiment.

Peace Spring Operation revealed everything. Were we supposed to get down on our knees and beg!

Peace Spring Operation, which Turkey launched against the YPG in Syria, revealed NATO members’ Turkey agenda without leaving a shadow of doubt. They were not Turkey’s friends. They were making this obvious through their attitude and actions. They were demonstrating this through their support to terrorist organizations and by establishing an anti-Turkey front within the alliance.

What was Turkey supposed to do? Plead? Should it have opened its hands and begged? Should it have gotten down on its knees? Was Turkey going to remain under the ruins while the Atlantic axis, which the U.S. said, “is now a burden for us,” and French President Emanuel Macron said is “brain dead” was collapsing?

Those beating Turkey on behalf of US, NATO

Such a Turkey no longer exists and never will again. The world is being re-established; power maps are rapidly shifting position; the Atlantic axis’ exclusive global dominance is ending, and new chains of alliance are forming.

Economic and political power is making its way towards the East; the West is seeing massive powers against it for the first time in centuries; the global showdown is dividing the West’s axis.

Yet, some circles among us are still continuing to strive to consolidate power from these groups, beating Turkey on behalf og the U.S. and NATO, forming a political myopia to continue dooming us to blind dependency.

There are hopefuls in this country waiting for ‘US, NATO to strike Turkey’

Those who were overjoyed at the U.S. striking Turkey through terrorist organizations, the friction that occurred as a result of our country’s reflex to defend itself against coup plots with FETÖ, those who are waiting hopefully for the “U.S. to impose sanctions, topple Erdoğan and teach Turkey a lesson,” are now all going to become NATO spokespersons.

They are going to produce scenarios of terror. They are going to say “Turkey is finished now.” Meanwhile, they are never going to touch upon the West’s own disintegration, Europe’s weaknesses and helplessness.

Just as they are more pro-American than the U.S., more pro-EU than Europe, they are going to be more pro-NATO than NATO itself and threaten their own country in the name of the alliance. They are going to slam Turkey in their columns and on TV.

Turkey is not Europe’s mercenary

As they do this, never do they talk about Europe’s mistakes, its dilemmas, problems or weaknesses. Europe is trembling against Russia in the Baltics, in Eastern Europe. It is also dividing, disintegrating within itself. German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s panic is very real.

This message that was sent through NATO after the threat to “open the gates” in the refugee issue, shows Europe’s weakness and Turkey’s strength. Of course those speaking on behalf of the old Turkey, on behalf of the U.S. and EU are not going to see or accept this, and are going to continue to repeat their cliches.

Yet it should be known that Turkey is no country’s outpost or defense base. Do they think that we are going to defend them while they attack us? There is no such thing anymore. Europe, and its affiliates among us, should understand this - they are going to have to understand.

SOURCE: yeni Safak, ibrahim

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