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Floki Ad Campaign

Floki Inu coin is set to launch an ‘aggressive Youtube advertising campaign’ as the Viking-themed dogcoin continues to broaden its userbase.

According to data on BscScan, the Shiba Inu memecoin now boasts 323,079 unique addresses. The incredible growth of Floki Inu this year has been supported by a huge global marketing campaign across multiple channels and media. That campaign so far has included billboard ads, soccer club sponsorship deals, and even TV spots. Now the coin will leverage YouTube to specifically target a crypto and finance audience.


As BSC News previously reported, Floki Inu’s aggressive marketing machine courted controversy in the UK when the coin became the focus of a wider political debate on crypto advertising. 

Amidst the controversy, the UK’s advertising watchdog clamped down on seven crypto adverts which it said failed to properly ‘illustrate the risk of the investment’. Floki Inu was not, however, one of the firms which the Advertising Standards Agency singled out for criticism. The seven named adverts were Coinburp, Coinbase, Luno Money, eToro, Papa John's, Payward, and Exmo Exchange. 


What is Floki Inu?

Floki Inu began with a tweet from Elon Musk. When the billionaire announced he would name his Shiba Inu puppy Floki, it created a deluge of ‘Floki’ dogcoins. The most successful of these is Floki Inu. Floki Inu is currently the third most popular meme token on the market behind Dogecoin and Shiba Inu. It is backed by a community of committed enthusiasts and a strong marketing campaign.


Source: BSC news

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