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If you’re an old school, crypto investor, it’s time to test new waters. While BTC, Ethereum, BNB, and all the other “OG” cryptos are running the space, the future is Metaverse.

This coming decade, we are bound to see the “rise and rise” of Metaverse projects.

Apparently, this is what millennials and Gen z’s are into.

And you want to be part of this revolution, regardless. Just like Facebook. They literally re-branded to “meta”. If that’s not convincing enough, I don’t know what is…

Trust me, I’m not really into gaming, and all that VR stuff…

However, it costs you nothing to spread your investments. This could be a great alternative especially now that we’re stuck in this long recession.

And guess what, I've done all the “dirty work” for you, and on this post I'll give you my top 10 list of Metaverse projects that are likely to 100x in the next 5 years.

And you could get started with this journey, on a platform like Kucoin. (These guys have managed to grab some attention in listing Metaverse projects)

  1. Sandbox (SAND)- If you’re yet to learn about Sandbox, well, its the fancy platform that allows users to rent, own, and sell plots of land(LAND) in its virtual world. This community driven forum also gives creators the ability to build games, items and buildings using voxel editor and game maker in the virtual world.

SAND acts as the utility token used to run transactions in the Sandbox ecosystem. This ERC-20 token is anchored on the Ethereum blockchain. SAND currently sells at $0.921301 as of the writing of this article with a finite supply of 3,000,000,000 SAND.

SAND tops this list as its one of the most lucrative coins in the Metaverse.


2.   Decentraland (MANA)- This virtual 3D platform launched in February 2020, gives users the privilege to to buy virtual plots of land in the form of NFTs.

This is all through its crypto token (MANA) operating on the Ethereum blockchain. The platform has gained popularity after Adidas, Samsung, Millerlite, Atari, Sotheby’s and PWC bought virtual properties on the platform.

MANA, its utility token currently trades at $0.711224 with an all time high of $5.90. It has a total supply of 2.19 billion MANA tokens.


3.  Axie Infinity(AXS)- This NFT based online video game originating from Sky Mavis studio stands out with its “in-game” economy. The game involves players collecting and minting NFTs which act as “Axies” (digital pets). Essentially these creatures are bred and be used to battle each other, all within the game. Players are charged a 4.25% fee when trading Axies on its marketplace.

AXS, its crypto token operates on the Ethereum blockchain, under the RONIN network. It currently sells at $12.83 as of the writing of this article with an all time high of $50.91. It has a total supply of 83.05 million AXS. tokens.


4.  Wilder World (WILD)- Built on the WILD token, this immersive 5D Metaverse is powered through NFTs and built on Ethereum. It enjoyed collaboration with zero.space building a photorealistic reality worlds. Wilders in this space get to acquire virtual land, expressing yourself and roaming freely.

Its Metaverse economy is driven by a distinctively designed NFT Metaverse Marketplace. Wilder World comes in to solve the problem of liquidity in the NFT space, where NFTs can be fractionalized to be accessible at a more friendly price.

WILD token currently trades at $0.229009 as of the writing of this article with an all time high of $7.60. It has a total supply of 500 million WILD tokens.


5.  Netvrk (NTVRK)- This multi-chain Metaverse platform, built on Unreal Engine stands out with its ability to give non-tech users a base to develop virtual worlds and is built on blockchain technology. It allows users to monetize their creations via NFTs and virtual land.

Holding NTVRK token can buy you assets such as houses and vehicles, within its virtual world. The NTVRK token currently sells at $0.207584 as of the writing of this article, with an all-time high of $7.33. It has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 NTVRK tokens.


6.    Gala (GALA)- Gala has identified a unique niche providing a platform for players to exchange “in-game” assets. GALA is the utility token that powers the Gala play to earn ecosystem. GALA is transferrable among users and they have full authority on how to exploit it. The platform additionally is building a network of nodes letting users monetize any asset like for example music.

GALA token currently trades at $0.041638 as of the writing of this article with an all time high of $0.84. It has a maximum supply of 35 billion GALA tokens.


7. Sensorium Galaxy (SENSO)- Sensorium Galaxy is the platform taking entertainment to the next level. This metaverse brings real-life experiences on a digital platform. Users in this space get the ultimate opportunity to get together, join out of this world shows and play games in a safe and global ecosystem.

If you’re a house music fan, this is definitely your spot as Steve Aoki (Award winning DJ) just joined its PRISM world.

The SENSO token is the currency that fuels the Sensorium Galaxy. SENSO token currently trades at $0.155768 with an all time high of $3.27. It has a total supply of 715,280,000 SENSO tokens.


8. MetaHero (HERO)- This hyped platform gives users the power to create their own avatars on a 3D scanning technology. Hence, participants, get their exact body features in avatar form in the Metaverse world. To get started users scan their bodies, build an NFT of the Avatar, and the NFT is placed on the Metaverse. Fancy, huh?

HERO is the token used to transact in this space. HERO token currently trades at $0.002325 with an all time high of $0.25. It has a total supply of 10 billion HERO tokens.


9. Bloktopia (BLOK)-Bloktopia is a virtual gaming platform that includes a 21-storey building where players can reside, interact with other players and engage in activities to earn rewards. Joining this metaverse engages players to complete the construction of the building, bringing out creativity among participants. The building also features a space for WWE entertainment.

Its utility token BLOK, gives holders a variety of perks such as joining pre-sales and access to exclusive events. BLOK currently trades at $0.002974 as of the writing of this article with an all-time high of $0.13968. Its total supply is 200,000,000,0000 BLOK tokens.


10. Decentral Games (DG)- If you’re a casino fan, then you should definitely check out Decentral games. This platform is basically a casino operating on the Metaverse. Holding its token (DG) or using the platform guarantees you of ownership.

Participating in games such as black jack, poker, and roulette is a way to earn some bucks in this Metaverse. Earning more tokens means you have the privilege to make decisions about the casino.

DG, the crypto token on Decentral Games currently trades at $0.0514693 as of the writing of this article with an all time high of $679.28. It has a total supply of 571,565,976 DG tokens.


Metaverse projects are here to stay, and you literally have to “shape up” or “ship out”. Now is the time to grab these gems and watch your portfolio explode in the few coming years.

I’d highly recommend using Kucoin, as the platform is quite keen on listing Metaverse projects. And for US users, you are actually not eligible for verification. Think big, think Metaverse!!!

Open a Kucoin account here>>


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