by on June 27, 2017
Data is a piece of information which is very important and useful for a user. With your personal data like bank details, contacts, messages and Professional data like confidential documents, presentations, emails accounts or server organizations. Data could also be traveling through wired or wireless networks. At all locations, your data is always at risk from intentional and unintentional breaches. And remember, deleted data can always be recovered. Your data on social websit...
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by on June 27, 2017
This particular list is due to the seriousness of mobile security testing which is a grossly overlooked and ignored area and probably one of the if not the most important. As I predicted in my 2014 article “Security Testing for Critical for 2015” – security is still in it’s infant stages. Seems we are still in the reactive mode instead of the proactive mode. Security criteria for apps on all the platforms to be added to store is minimal at best. Back in late 2014-2015 myself and the QA Conspi...
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