Would you like to know exactly where to go on the web to find the best Linux job opportunities?
You would?
Good, because below you’ll find links to over 30 websites where you can find good-paying Linux jobs. (Even if you’re not looking for a job right now you might want to save this for when you are…)
By the way, you don’t have to live in a large city to get a good Linux job these days. It’s becoming very common for companies to hire non-local Linux talent.
I’m just one of many examples. I’ve worked remotely for several years now. I love it because I can work from anywhere there’s an Internet connection: From home, from my parent’s house, and from a hotel room while the rest of my family enjoys the pool. (Ok, it’s not always a perfect, but it sure beats commuting!)
On to the list!
Linux Work From Home Jobs / Telecommuting Jobs
I’ve personally got jobs from these remote-specific job boards:
Other Remote-specific job boards
Traditional IT Job Boards
Online Linux Jobs from Craigslist
Look in San Francisco because there are many tech-heavy companies that hire local and remote workers.
Linux Career Opportunities on LinkedIN
Direct Hire Linux Jobs
Here’s just a tiny sampling of awesome companies that hire remote IT workers. Check out the careers section on each of these sites.
Linux Freelancing and Linux Consulting Jobs
You don’t have to work for just one company… you can work on several smaller projects from different companies. For immediate cash, consider Linux freelancing or Linux consulting.
Linux Job Titles
By the way, when you’re looking for Linux jobs be aware that they often masquerade as different job titles. Here are a few to watch out for:
Linux Administrator
Linux System Administrator
Linux System Engineer
Linux Engineer
Operations Engineer
SRE (Site Reliability Engineer)
DevOps Engineer
Platform Engineer
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