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Does it matter if your crypto is on PayPal, a cryptocurrecy exchange, or if you own your own keys? What might seem like small differences are actually significant, it's the difference between having a seat reservation and flying standby. Watch this video to understand the concept cryptocurrency ownership in a whole new way.

0:00 Introduction
1:11 Aviation and cryptocurrency
1:51 Different classes of ownership in cryptocurrencies
2:44 Big financial institutions that entered the cryptocurrency space
6:38 Business class
7:27 First class
8:43 People who had never flown on business and first class
11:07 Upgrading through skills/education
12:46 People who are going on a vacation and the people who predicted the flood
14:41 Aviation and cryptocurrency enthusiast
17:40 Standby
22:15 Always be prepared for a flood
23:23 Ownership in crypto has different levels
24:42 Get educated and help the people on the seats behind you

Talks like these are part of what has made Andreas the go-to person for cryptocurrency and open blockchain education. The crypto airplane is a talk that is intended to explain, in simple and relatable terms, how classes of cryptocurrrency ownership actually work. This talk is bursting with analogies that illustrate to even the least tech savvy people the differences in classes of ownership of bitcoin. Buying cryptocurrency through PayPal is like buying a standby ticket for a flight. You might get on the plane, but you might not is one example. Cryptocurrency explained in simple, relatable terms, is one of the things Andreas is known for.

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